Why Some Leaders Are Almost Always More Successful

Leaders We Work With

Evolving Entrepreneurs

You embrace risk and refuse to settle. Innovative strategies will accelerate you through the finish line.

Family Business & Succession

You are strategic about succession planning and managing family roles. Make a plan for the future of the business.

Athletes: from Sport to Business

As an Olympian or elite athlete in career transition, don't let your latest accomplishment define the rest of your life. It's time to sharpen your leadership and business skills.

Leaders in Transition

You recently went through a significant exit and are now wondering "what's next?" Create new excitement about your next bold move.

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."


Leadership Development Opportunities

One-on-One Executive Intensives & Transformational Retreats

You have a "can't stop, won't stop" approach to business and life. As a high-level entrepreneur and high-performer you continually push the edge every day.

A One-on-One Transformational Intensive will give you the space to breathe and allow you to see the forest for the trees.

During our two days together, we will deep dive into your vision, uncover the gaps in your team and resources, and create an action plan to move forward. Most importantly, you will remember, and re-discover why you started in the first place, and awaken your abilities to lead, influence, and inspire.

Let's work together to turn your vision into reality.

Forum Retreats

When you enter into a 3-day Peer Forum Retreat, away from the busy-ness of business, to purposefully focus on your leadership growth, something magical happens.

Forum Retreats are not just about sharing ideas and best-practices, although that is part of it.

My facilitation approach creates a context that allows you to be seen and heard in a new and authentic way, that perhaps you have not experienced before. No, we will not be singing kumbaya, or walking on coals... but we will be connecting, collaboration, and co-creating in ways that will leave you feeling rejuvenated about your business and confident in your leadership style.

Give your group the experience of a Forum Retreat like no other.

Couples Retreats

Being a high-achiever means you strive for success in all areas of your life. When you get so busy with business, however, it's easy to allow your relationship to slide, and not give it the time and attention it deserves.

The Couples Retreat is designed to re-create trust, re-align values, and re-discover passion in your relationship. This is an intimate 2-day retreat, where you will deepen your connection and commitment to one another.

So much of success, in life and business, depends on the success of your relationship. Let's work together to spark a fun, loving, and fulfilling relationship.

"Colin genuinely seeks to find what drives you in a way that you actually see it and understand it too, and then jumps down the slide with you for the ride. HOLD ON!!"

Andrew Watts

"Most recently we hired Colin to be one of the founding facilitators of the Entrepreneurs' Organization's Accelerator program for first stage entrepreneurs. Colin has exceeded our expectations and delivered huge results for New Orleans and Boston area first stage entrepreneurs. Colin has provided great insight and feedback on how to take the program to another level which has helped EO greatly. A great person and great business resource for any company or organization."

Dean Lindal

"Colin is a rare wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial savvy in a time crunched world. His observations into what can enable a person to break through to the next level of succcess are phenominal and the best in the business as a coach and professional trainer. Whether you want to take your business to the next level, make way more money, or find better life balance, I highly recommend having a telephone conversation with the Fireweed Group."

Cary Mullen

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